eSports Festival 2012 Happening In Cebu


Electronic sports, abbreviated as e-Sports is used as a general “catch-all” term to best describe the play of mind sports and video games competitively. In 2009 Internet World Stats predicted that the Philippines would have gained 6.3 million gamers. It is now 2012 and that statistic is potentially obscured with Internet World Stats not releasing another survey. The Philippines has more internet café shops more than it has bus stops. And in a typical public internet café you will find hordes of online gamers indulging themselves with DOTA, etc etc until the wee hours of the morning. This is the case with public café but how about private internet gaming at home? Gamers are multiplying exponentially as the scores rage online.

Where we are not limited by height, weight or size but rather the competitiveness of our mind and the Filipino fighting Spirit. Enter the Filipino cyber athlete aiming for world-wide recognition someday, dreaming to excel in e-Sports internationally by 2015.

Esports being a new sport of the information technology age is fraught with many challenges; with its rapid growth in different nations there is no standardization between nations. Further with the nature of E-sports being a non-physical sport. Many cyber athletes have not considered the benefits of physical training and conditioning when training for E-sports. PESO will coordinate with International organizations for the standardization of E-sports in the Philippines and guidance as to the proper training, conditioning and approach for a competitive level in these electronic or mind sports.

Games that are played as electronic sports normally belong to the real-time strategy (RTS) which is considered the modern variant of chess, fighting, first-person shooter (FPS), massively-multiplayer online (MMOG) racing genres & sports games such as screen golf & boxing. They are played competitively at amateur, semi-professional and professional levels including in leagues and tournaments.

With the advent of the Philippine Electronic Sports Organization (PESO), an group based in Cebu City and aiming to standardize eSports across the country. PESO is set to prepare the stage and future battle grounds for cyber athletes all over the Philippines Provide growth & standardization of E-sports in the Philippines. Starting with the Philippine’s first eSports Festival happening this 25th and 26th of August 2012. Experience two consecutive days of electronic gaming and exciting cosplay action at the Ground Floor of SM City Cebu North Wing located at the North Reclamation Area, San Jose, Montana cor., M.V. Cuenco St., Cebu City, 6000, Philippines. This ground breaking event will be remembered the largest gathering of PC gaming rig enthusiasts, electronic gamers and cosplayers.

Celebrate two days of electronic gaming and exciting cosplay action this August 25-26th 2012 at SM City Cebu North Wing. Watch our new breed of young cyber athletes compete for the much coveted spot to become the Philippine representatives to the IeSF Finals in Korea!

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