Instacube: A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos

Instagram is going very strong and has grown to over 80 million users over the last months. This week the official take over by Facebook has also been approved, therefore you will certainly be seeing some further integration of the two social networks in the coming months.

In the past we have showed you some great products based on Instagram, including theInstaglasses Concept and the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. Today we come across yet another interesting product, that looks to become reality very soon – the Instacube.

Instacube allows you to push your Instagram pictures wirelessly over to a 3x bigger canvas live. The touchscreen display of Instacube allows you to flip through your picture library. Setup is also very easy – you connect Instacube to your wireless network at home, login to your Instagram account and you are done. Instacube runs Android and does not need a single cable. It comes with a WiFi connection and is run by batteries.

You can support Instacube on Kickstarter here, the project still runs for 29 days.

Source: Highsnob


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