Nokia: Here’s why the Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5


Is the Lumia 920 better than the iPhone 5? Certainly, Nokia wants to convince you it is.

In a new Facebook post, the Finnish phone maker breaks down the key features found in both smartphones, naturally giving the nod to the 920 in each category. And in many areas, the company does manage to make its case.

The Lumia 920’s screen is larger and sharper than the one on the new iPhone. The 920’s 4.5-inch screen displays 1,280×768 pixels at 332 pixels per inch. The iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen offers 1,136×640 pixels at 326 ppi.

The PureView camera on the Lumia 920 offers 8.7-megapixels with a Carl Zeiss lens, while the iPhone 5 uses an 8-megapixel camera. But unmentioned by Nokia are the improvements in noise reduction, low-light performance, and fast photo taking in the new iPhone’s camera.

Both cameras offer a Panoramic mode to let you shoot a single photo covering as much as 360 degrees. Nokia gives itself points for image stabilization, but that feature is also on the iPhone 5. The 920’s front-facing camera does win the pixel race, offering 1.2 megapixels compared with the iPhone 5’s 720 pixels.

The Lumia 920 is also more touch-sensitive. A new touch technology allows people with long fingernails or gloves to manipulate the screen. Nokia’s phone comes in a wider range of colors and offers more accessories than does the iPhone 5.

The winner of the maps contest is a no-brainer, especially in light of Apple’s Maps snafu.

The City Lens augmented reality feature found on the Lumia Maps app lets you find local businesses simply by pointing your phone in the right direction, a feature not available on the new iPhone. Nokia is also clearly taking advantage of the backlash against Apple for its Maps mistakes.

CNET’s comparsion of the iPhone 5, Lumia 920, and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 chose the iPhone 5 as the best all-around phone but gave kudos to the 920 based on its specs.

The decision isn’t “by any means a blow-away verdict” and is hardly the last word. The review of the iPhone 5 was hands-on, while CNET is waiting for a review unit of the 920 to fully test.

On the surface, the Lumia 920 appears to have the edge over the iPhone 5. But since the 920 isn’t out yet, it’s difficult to fully compare the two side by side. Nokia will reportedly launch the 920 in early November at which time the two phones can truly go head to head.

Source: C|Net


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