The How We Get To Our Vacation Destinations | Infographic

Each year – there are millions of Americans that go on vacation.  That adds up to a lot of transportation.  This infographic takes a look at three popular ravel methods and see which one is more popular, costly, and more.

In our example, a one way trip from New York City to Los Angeles may not vary much in price but the amount of time is vastly different.  We also looked at what percentage of each mode of transportation is used for leisure travel versus all other types.

Another interesting point to look at is the male versus female for each mode of transportation.  While it is equal for road and rail travel, almost twice the mount of males travel for air travel than females for leisure.

Lastly, we compared how much energy is consumed for each mode of transportation for a whole year.  Let’s just say – if everyone would fly or ride the train, we would consume a lot less!!

Infographic by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.


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