Ubuntu Touch for Phones New Update

Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus
There has been an announcement that there will be a new update by the end of the month in this blog.

The statement has been set that a collaboration of both Spencer’s team, and others within Canonical aiming to be working a daily update to go thru the update by the end of this month.

So, we committed our teams to making it so that by end of May, the phone images will be usable as our daily phones, defined as the following:

  • You can make and receive phone calls
  • You can make and receive sms messages
  • You can browse the web on 3g data
  • You can browse the web on wifi
  • You can switch between wifi and 3g data
  • The proximity sensore dims the screen when you lift the phone to talk on it
  • You can import contacts from somewhere, and you can add and edit contacts
  • When you update your phone your user data is retained, even if updating with phablet-flash

These updates are the key parts and feature we needed as a smart phone user. Since this news was airing, a bright side is on our way who’s waiting for the Ubuntu touch by this year. On the other hand, Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon has recently said that Canonical are aiming to have a ’1.0 Ubuntu Touch platform …ready for October so it can then be delivered to customers for deployment on handsets in Q1/Q2 2014.’

It’s much appreciated to the Open source community with this kind of news.

Sources: OMG! Ubuntu, The Raving Rick


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