Gizmo Pack 300: A New Design Era

Gizmo Pack 300

Gizmo Pack 300 Taken from Dutch Icon’s Behance account.

Gizmo Pack 300

This icon style is the latest addition to the Dutch Icon family. A wired, simple icon style with an open feel to it. Pixel perfect vector icons designed on a pixelgrid of 64 x 64 pixels. You can find more examples on Dribbble and on of course.

vector icons pixel perfect

These vector icons were made pixel perfect on a 64 pixel grid. Some people say I should make more financial, banking and charts in this Gizmo style, do you agree? Perhaps you have more ideas for the list I’m compiling, please let me know.

Blue weather app

Previews are provided from the above images, lastly is the front. Please see below.

Gizmo 300

Gizmo 300 by Dutch Icon

This icon pack contains 300 Gizmo styled stock icons. Characteristic about Gizmo are the thick lines and the open feel to it. These vector icons are made in Adobe Illustrator on a pixel perfect grid of 64 x 64 pixels.

Included in this icon set

Home appliances, Technology, Weather, Computer, Web, People, Archive, Coffee, Communication, Document, Editing, Food, Kitchen, Business.

If you are interest and wanting to see more, visit and see more of his work!


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