What Does It Cost to Run a Startup?

Startups are extremely popular these days. But did you know that the location you choose to start your business can make a big difference in the cost? Rob Rawson, the founder of Staff.com (a global recruitment platform) put together an infographic on the costs of a startup in different cities and countries. It’s an interesting comparison on the costs associated of running a startup with 2 web developers, 1 web designer and an office.

It is interesting to see that running a startup in Zurich instead of San Francisco could cost you an equivalent of a person’s salary. It is also surprising to see that an office space in London costs more than an office space in San Francisco and Paris combined. The cost differences are definitely huge. Developers in Sydney for example expect to be paid a handsome $91,200 a year, whereas a Filipino (Manila) developer just demands $12,500. Of course, the cost of living in the area and cultural differences have to be considered. But still, those are striking differences.

Every city/place you’re planning to build your business definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to cost. You just have to weigh them and know which one would be fit for you.

Here is the full infographic from Staff.com. It should be a great guide for your decision on where to establish your startup.

What Does It Cost to Run a Startup? Infographic
Staff.com – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent


7 responses to “What Does It Cost to Run a Startup?

  1. wow that IS indeed a huge difference. well at least seeing this comparison makes me understand a bit more why many would like to invest here or many consider startin up in manila.

  2. Surprised to see how expensive it was in Sydney, especially when compared to NYC, SNFO and London, all known for their high cost of living more than Sydney.

  3. I’ve always wanted to start up a small business but I don’t have much capital and perhaps guts to risk whatever amount of money it is on my hands. I did not realize how expensive it was to live in Sydney.

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