LG Lifeband Touch

 LG Lifeband Touch

At CES 2014, LG has announced a new wearable computer dubbed as Lifeband Touch. The device is an advanced, state-of-art fitness, health and communiction tracker, which uses Bluetooth to connect to Android or iOS device.

LG Lifeband Touch is a perfect companion for any sport enthusiast. Thanks to a number of built-in sensors, the device is able to track your movement and calorie consumption as well as measure heart rate with special Heart Rate Headphones that “listen” to blood flow in your ears.

The Lifeband Touch doubles as a smartwatch, too. It features a LED color touch screen that displays time and notifications from your phone. The device can also control media playback and manage calls or messages. Its screen glows in different colors depending on the type of the notification to make sure you’ll never miss an important event.

Pricing and availability of the Lifeband Touch was not announced yet, but we will update this post as soon as we get it.

Lifeband Touch

Source: theultralinx.com


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